Yale Startups in Formation

  • Dr Jeffrey Bender addresses the audience of Yale Entrepreneurs-in-Residence regarding his venture TragetSite Therapeutics
  • Entrepreneurs in Residence and others from the Yale community chat prior to the conference.
  • Dr. Brian Harvey provides a presentation regarding the regulatory journey for a startup
  • Dr. James Boyle kicking off the Yale Startups in Formation conference
July 22, 2019

Yale Startups in Formation (YSIF) is a new program founded and directed by the Office of Cooperative Research. Each YSIF meeting is designed to be partly educational and partly new venture seminar, aiming to serve Yale innovators and their cofounders as these teams launch their businesses and formulate their go-to-market strategies. Founders are invited to present the science behind their new ventures, and to provide updates on their nascent commercial plans to an invited group of entrepreneurs in residence (EIRs), all of whom agree to abide by the strict confidentiality provisions of the program. 

These EIRs come from across a wide range of industries and companies, from early stage drug discovery to drug development to commercial operations, as well as finance, venture investment, clinical trials management, and management consulting.  

Upcoming YSIF conferences


Speakers from past YSIF conferences

For Yale investigators seeking to participate as well as external business experts seeking to join the EIR corps,

please contact Jim Boyle at OCR.