Yale Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) have deep operational experience and have gone through the process of turning new technologies to new businesses. These experts act as an early “sounding board” for Yale innovators contemplating a new startup. In a logical, stepwise fashion, EIRs help frame both the risks and the benefits of starting a new company, asking relevant questions about everything from the science, to the business, to the market and helping faculty chart a successful path forward. Each EIR has decades of practical private-sector experience in building their own companies and valuable connections with industry and investor communities. In addition to our EIRs, our Investor Advisors provide their professional investment experience, coupled with their technology and life science expertise, to provide astute insight into the competetive space our ventures wish to enter.

Marc Appel

Richard Brodsky

Ken Coleman

Dr. Arthur DeCillis

John Dexheimer

Dr. Brian Dixon

Dr. Seth Feuerstein

Colin Foster

Dr. Susan Froshauer

Matthew Gordon

Dr. Gene Griffin

Rosemary Harry

Brian E. Harvey

Jessica Hwang

Tom Jasinski

Kristin King

David Kolb

Dr. Michael Kurman

Dr. Ron Lennox

Lawrence Lipsher

James Locker

Dr. Alexandra Mack

Dr. Bridget Martell

Ryan McMillian

Sean McNerney

Dr. Sarah Nia

Dr. Sophia Ononye

Dr. Michael Singer

Matthew Stannard

Michael Theran

Dr. J. Gene Wang

Andrew Zehner

Julie Vance

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019