Local Resources for Student Entrepreneurs

Aerial view of New Haven

The Grove

The Grove is a new kind of space that encourages and supports people in their work and the development of new ideas that are solving the social, environmental, economic and urban problems we face today. The Grove is more than just a space, it is a dynamic community of social innovators, artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers that are the new face of New Haven. The Grove offers co-working space; super fast wifi; storage space; projectors and whiteboards; local coffee; ping-pong tables, weekly meet-ups on tech and entrepreneurship and more!

Connecticut Innovations

Connecticut Innovations is the leading source of financing and ongoing support for Connecticut’s innovative, growing companies. They offer flexible financing, strategic guidance and introductions to valuable partners, enabling promising businesses to thrive.

The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard is an online publication dedicated to local entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses.