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Dan Volz, M.B.A., Named Yale Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR)


Dan Volz, M.B.A., Vice President of Americas at Medtronic has just been named a Yale University Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR). In addition to his current role leading a commercial medical devices' organization, Dan spent a decade in global portfolio strategy inclusive of research & development and mergers & acquisitions.

James Boyle, who leads OCR’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence program, shared his perspective. "Engaging experts from enterprise firms who can better counsel faculty innovators and their recruited CEOs and help think about technology innovation and adoption at the enterprise level is becoming a larger part of Yale’s commercialization strategy. We see Dan Volz as a very important advisor for our medtech efforts moving forward."

Commenting on his new role, Dan Volz said: “I am both honored and excited to work with Jim Boyle and his team at Yale's Office of Cooperative Research as a member of the EIR program. Being part of the engine that turns innovation into impact is a personal and professional passion of mine."

For questions regarding Yale OCR's EIR program, please contact James Boyle, Executive Director, Faculty Entrepreneurship & Venture Development.

At present, the Yale Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) roster includes 62 industry professionals that specialize in various areas. Each has deep operational experience and has gone through the process of turning new technologies to new businesses. These experts act as an early “sounding board” for Yale innovators contemplating a new startup. In a logical, stepwise fashion, EIRs help frame both the risks and the benefits of starting a new company, asking relevant questions about everything from the science, to the business, to the market and helping faculty chart a successful path forward. Each EIR has decades of practical private-sector experience in building their own companies and valuable connections with industry and investor communities. 


About Yale's Office of Cooperative Research:

Since its founding in 1982, the Yale Office of Cooperative Research (OCR) has built a significant portfolio of inventions and patents and has grown into an engine of regional economic development. Its mission is to facilitate the translation of research from Yale’s labs into products and services that benefit society. OCR is recognized as a leading force for catalyzing economic growth by identifying, counselling and nurturing early-stage technologies and guiding the transition into robust companies. More information is available at