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EIR Spotlight: Susan Froshauser, Ph.D.

susan f
CEO, Pangolin Therapeutics; Yale OCR Entrepreneur In Residence
Overview of Your Current Project

Numerous clinical trials in amyloidosis have failed as a result of misdirected focus on amyloid states of disease-causing proteins. Pangolin Therapeutics’ (PTx) small-molecule platform, termed Pangomers™, was developed to address this deficiency. The Pangomer™ core structure enables selective targeting of pre-amyloid, toxic oligomers (PAOs). Here, we seek to address Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), an aggressive, orphan-indicated form of Parkinson's for which there are no approved therapeutics. Our pilot efforts have identified and validated a strategy for development of Pangomer™ analogues that neutralize PAOs from MSA. Additional funding will allow execution of this strategy delivering a lead molecule for pre-clinical advancement. Together with the Blavatnik Awards, $1 million in grants has been secured to advance the platform towards the company’s first round.

Favorite Off-Time Activity

Birding in remote places worldwide.

Best Advice for Young Innovators

Be deeply passionate and respectful of your technology, but equally so, your team.