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If you think you have an invention or idea, talk to OCR first- before you submit a manuscript for publication, before you address a meeting, conference, seminar or symposium. The best way to do this is to click the “I have an idea!” button. OCR is notified the moment you make your submission and will be in touch with you within a week.

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Ownership & the Patent Process

University patent and copyright policies specify that Yale owns with some exceptions the intellectual property rights that result from research conducted at Yale. Faculty members are required to sign the Patent Policy Agreement acknowledging their understanding and promising to abide by the patent policy as a condition of applying for grants.

If Yale elects not to pursue development of an invention, it is offered back to the inventors. If the inventors take ownership of the invention, they accept all financial and managerial responsibilities for patenting and commercial development.

Understanding Shared Royalties

The patent policy specifies that royalties derived from a Yale invention are shared between Yale and the inventors according to the following table:

Yale/Inventor(s) Royalty Split
Cumulative Royalty Income <$100,000 >$100,000
Yale/Inventors 50% / 50% 60% / 40% 70% / 30%

Royalties from inventions which Yale has returned to the inventors are shared 30% to Yale and 70% to the inventors. Royalties on copyrights owned by Yale are treated the same way as patent royalties.

For more detailed information about tech transfer, intellectual property, patenting, licensing, disclosures and royalties, check out our FAQs.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014