Collaborating with Industry

The Office of Cooperative Research encourages faculty to collaborate with industry in order to advance research and accelerate new technologies and therapies to market. With much federal research support mandating that researchers show the societal benefits of their work, these collaborations are essential both for attracting federal dollars and supporting early-stage drug and technology development that can lead to new therapies, new innovations and new startups.

OCR has facilitated many such collaborations between industry and faculty partners. Biogen Idec teamed with Yale Medical School in 2006 on a multi-year collaboration to develop a new pathway for treating Parkinson’s disease. Led by Dr. Stephen Strittmatter, Vincent Coates Professor of Neurology and Professor of Neurobiology at Yale, the research breakthrough received patent protection at OCR and Strittmatter’s novel therapeutics, which hold promise for recovering neurological function in Alzheimer’s and spinal cord injury, are being developed by the startup Axerion Therapeutics, Inc. In May 2012, Axerion entered into a research collaboration and sublicense agreement with AstraZeneca to develop and commercialize the new Alzheimer’s treatment. In 2011, Yale announced an exclusive license agreement with Debiopharm to develop a first-in-class inhibitor for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Yale’s research strength combined with Debiopharm’s drug development is accelerating the process for bringing this new therapy for treating inflammatory disease to market.

In 2011, Yale and Gilead Sciences announced a Cancer Research Collaboration—in which Gilead provided $40 million in research support and infrastructure development—to search for the genetic basis and underlying molecular mechanisms of many forms of cancer. The collaboration marks the largest corporate partnership in Yale’s history—and is slated to continue through 2021 with a total of up to $100 million in funding. And in 2013, Yale began a collaboration with AbbVie with the pharmaceutical company providing $14.5 million over five years to support research into the molecular, cellular and genetic drivers of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

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Friday, September 13, 2013