Paul White

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Paul White is a transformative leader who thrives on driving sustainable revenue and bottom-line growth through innovation and collaboration, and embracing change, accountability and responsibility along the way. He has broad leadership experience as a CEO, CFO and COO in a variety of industries (Media, High Tech, Med Tech) and environments (Public, Private, Startup, For1une 1 K, 828, 82C) with a proven track record of initiating and driving recurring value creation and “making it actually happen” in terms of generating real revenues and profits where others have failed. Paul is a driven but balanced Executive with a progressive career in senior leadership, with strengths in finance, operations, digital business transformation and reinvention, sales and strategy in the media, healthcare and financial services industries. He is known for his ability to develop and execute on challenging initiatives and to attract, develop and lead the organizational talent required to effectively complete them. This translates to capturing literally 1 00s of millions of dollars in recurring revenues and bottom-line profits. Additionally, Paul brings an entrepreneurial perspective to the organization, working with the entire team to develop innovative ideas, processes and partnerships.