Our Team

The team at OCR is skilled at identifying technologies with market potential, navigating the patent process, connecting Yale researchers with academic and industry partners, building management teams and introducing startups to funding sources. Get in touch today!

Managing Director

Jon Soderstrom

Business Development Professionals

John W. Puziss - Director of Business Development

David A. Lewin - Senior Associate Director of Business Development

Hong Peng - Associate Director of Business Development

Christopher Unsworth - Associate Director of Business Development

Lolahon Kadiri - Business Development Associate

Valarie Truax - Business Development Associate

Richard L. Andersson - Senior Business Development Associate

New Ventures & Blavatnik Fund for Innovation at Yale

Bill Wiesler - Director of New Ventures, Director of Blavatnik Fund

James G. Boyle - Managing Director Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI)

Morag Grassie – Associate Director of Blavatnik Fund

Sorin Fedeles - Blavatnik Fellow

Caroline Rufo - Blavatnik Fellow

Timothy Siegert - Blavatnik Fellow

Milica Vukmirovic - Blavatnik Fellow


Marc Appel
Konstantine Drakonakis
John Dexheimer
Brian Dixon
Colin Foster
Susan Froshauer
Gene Griffin
Brian Harvey
Jessica Hwang
Tom Jasinski
Ron Lennox
Alexandra Mack
Bridget Martell
Tim Riley
Barry Schweitzer
Sapan Shah
Michael Singer
Julie Vance

Operations Team

Timothy Opstrup - Director of Finance & Administration

Kevin Mahoney - Assistant Business Manager

Diane K. Harmon - Director of Intellectual Property Administration

Natasha G. Samuels - Intellectual Property Manager (CT Notary Public)

Tina Muzzy - Intellectual Property Compliance Associate (CT Notary Public)

DawnMarie Portoff - Senior Licensing Compliance Professional (CT Notary Public)

Connie Rowley - Financial Assistant

Olga Rivera - Operations Coordinator (CT Notary Public)

Mercy A. Quaye – Marketing, Communications & Program Officer 

Lesche’ Brunson – Administrative Assistant, Office of Cooperative Research

Lori Schrager – Administrative Assistant, Blavatnik & Faculty Entrepreneurship Program