Biological Tools - Antibodies

OCR Number Titlesort descending
OCR 1074 3A2 Hybridoma Cell Line for the Production of Monoclonal Anti-HuRAntibody 3A2 Details
OCR 820 Anti AP-2 Monoclonal Antibody "3B5" Details
OCR 936 Anti-NHE1 Monoclonal Antibody 4E9; Anti-NHE3 Monoclonal Antibodies 2B9, 4F5 and 19F5(Reagent Licensing) Details
OCR 4293 Anti-NXF-2 Polyclonal Antibody Details
OCR 1728 Antibodies to ERM protein invasiveness of cancer cells and identify the presence and level of ERM proteins in proliferation condition Details
OCR 295 Antisera Specific for Na,K-ATPase a and b Subunits Details
OCR 1331 C398.4A (anti-H4/ICOS) Monoclonal Antibody Details
OCR 1091 Cat-301 Details
OCR 1016 Catenin-Specific Polyclonal Antibodies: Beta-Catenin and Alpha-Catenin Details
OCR 1498 Caveolin Antibodies Details
OCR 646 CerCLIP.1 Details
OCR 4562 IID2 to alpha I spectrin (human) Details
OCR 1153 Ly-6I fusion protein and rabbit anti-Ly-6I polyclonal antibody Details
Mab 6A6 (anti-megalin) Details
Mab 6A6 (anti-megalin) Details
Mab 6E10 (anti-megalin) Details
OCR 4898 mAB MAP.VIP (anti-humanViperin) Details
OCR 5471 MaP. IP30 (anti human GILT) Details
OCR 808 MaP.DM1 Details
OCR 1447 MaP.ERp57 - a mouse monoclonal antibody (IgG1) against the human protein ERp57. Details