Biological Tools - Antibodies

OCR Numbersort ascending Title
OCR 6050 Rabbit Anti-Human Guanylate Binding Protein 5 (rb anti-huGBP5) Details
OCR 5471 MaP. IP30 (anti human GILT) Details
OCR 4961 Rat hybridoma cell line producing monoclonal antibody against mouse MGL2/CD301b protein, clone 11A10-B7-2 Details
OCR 4920 Recombinant N-WASp and related polyclonal antibodies Details
OCR 4898 mAB MAP.VIP (anti-humanViperin) Details
OCR 4591 SLC26A7 monoclonal antibody (Clone 14H5) Details
OCR 4590 Phospho-specific NHE3 monoclonal antibody (Clone 10A8) (anti-phosphoserine 605) Details
OCR 4589 Phospho-specific NHE3 monoclonal antibody (Clone 14D5) (anti-phosphoserine 552) Details
OCR 4563 VD4 against beta I spectrin(human) Details
OCR 4562 IID2 to alpha I spectrin (human) Details
OCR 4543 Stargazin Antibodies- polyclonal Details
OCR 4293 Anti-NXF-2 Polyclonal Antibody Details
OCR 4197 Monoclonal Antibodies to the Propeptide of Candida Albicans and Methods of Use Details
OCR 4109 Monoclonal antibodies to NHE8 ion exchanger Details
OCR 4103 OTX2 Antibodies Details
OCR 4078 Pin-1 anti-CD74 monoclonal antibody Details
OCR 1728 Antibodies to ERM protein invasiveness of cancer cells and identify the presence and level of ERM proteins in proliferation condition Details
OCR 1706 Nestin Monoclonal Antibodies Details
OCR 1692 Y-Ae -- A novel MHC-restricted monoclonal antibody Details
OCR 1498 Caveolin Antibodies Details