How Long Does It Take To License A Therapeutic Technology From OCR?

The time it takes to license an invention varies. After the technology is disclosed to OCR it could take up to a couple of months to review the invention and then apply for a patent application (if OCR feels filing an application is appropriate). During this time, the entrepreneur(s) could begin to develop other aspects of the new venture to better position the start-up as a potential licensee (e.g. develop a business plan, research entrepreneur resources, begin seeking investors) but there is no guarantee that the new venture will get the exact license they want. If OCR decides that the startup company is the best possible licensee, negotiations with OCR for a license could take several weeks to several months. However, some negotiations may only take a few days if both parties can agree to terms easily.

In addition, licensing to startup companies usually presents and conflict of interest (COI) issues that must be disclosed by inventors and managed by the University (see Yale Policies & Procedures). If faculty, staff or students propose to have a management role in the startup company, approvals for leaves of absence must be obtained. OCR cannot conclude any agreements until the appropriate COI reviews and approvals have been completed. This review can take place in parallel to license negotiations and can begin once the basic parameters of the license are decided and the faculty member submits the required ad hoc COI disclosure to the appropriate Yale administrators.

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