How do I submit an Invention Disclosure?

You can submit an Invention Disclosure. You must be at a computer on the Yale system to fill out the online Disclosure Form.

A sample Invention Disclosure Form is provided there for your reference as help in filling out the form. The Disclosure Form asks for descriptions, applications, stage of development and advantages of your new invention. You should also have on hand the names and departments of all inventors, information about any funding used for the invention and any publications. After clicking the “Disclose an Invention” button and signing in using your Yale NetID, our website will ask you to create a separate user name and password for the OCR database. You are free to use your Yale NetID or any other username for this process. Once you have signed in, you can move through the online disclosure fields. Please be as detailed as possible and try not to skip any questions.

If you have any questions about the disclosure form, or have any problems using it, please contact Tina Muzzy, 203.436.8097