Chadi Abdallah, MD

  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
  • Associate Director of Research, Director of Clinical Trials, and Director of Neuroimaging, Clinical Neuroscience Division, VA National Center for PTSD

Dr. Chadi G. Abdallah has expertise in translational clinical neuroscience, multimodal magnetic resonance neuroimaging, and the use of glutamatergic drugs in treating trauma- and stress-related psychiatric disorders. He employs broad range of neuroimaging modalities to study the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders and the mechanisms underlying the behavioral effect of glutamate-based agents. His research program focuses on understanding the mechanisms underlying trauma, depression, and prolonged stress, with emphasis on the glutamatergic system and neuroenergetics. He has particular interest in glial cells given their critical role in glutamate neurotransmission, synaptic plasticity, and neuroenergetics. His program is currently investigating two glutamate-based drugs: ketamine and riluzole.

  • MD, Lebanese University, 2006
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