Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty members are responsible for separating University duties for research and education from personal financial interests in the company.

Faculty must:

• Separate and clearly distinguish on-going University research from work being conducted at the company.

•  Serve only in advisory or consultative roles at the company [as opposed to managerial roles or titles (e.g., CTO) suggesting management responsibility].

• Seek a leave of absence if intending to engage in a management role.

Faculty must not:

• Negotiate with the University on behalf of the company.

• Involve research staff or other University staff in activities at the company. Company personnel cannot be affiliated with the University.

• Involve current students in company activities. If a student asks to take a leave of absence to participate in the company, the student should be referred to the COI Committee who will review the request and offer independent advice.

• Involve junior faculty that they supervise in company activities prior to review by the COI Committee. Even if the faculty member does not have a supervisory role, he or she should avoid situations in which junior faculty might feel expected to be involved in the company.

• Use University facilities for company purposes.

• Undertake human subjects research at the University as PI/protocol director.

• Supervise faculty who are PI/protocol directors for human subjects research related to the company.