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The Yale Cancer Center is a world leader in cancer research and care, and is one of only 41 Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country designated by the National Cancer Institute. Faculty members and researchers from a variety of disciplines focus their efforts on one of seven research programs: Developmental Therapeutics, Cancer Genetics & Genomics, Cancer Immunology, Molecular Virology, Prevention & Control, Radiobiology & Radiotherapy and Signal Transduction. Each program is led by a national leader in cancer research. Yale established the first university-based Medical Oncology section and its many breakthroughs include the first successful use of chemotherapy in 1942.

Today, innovators at Yale are on the cutting edge of personalized medicine, developing therapies that use a person’s molecular and genetic profile to provide targeted cancer treatments. Cancer immunology is rapidly advancing at Yale, and with it our understanding of how the immune system may be harnessed to fight cancer cells using new antibody drugs. And Yale innovators are launching companies based on their breakthrough cancer research, developing new drugs based on small molecules to combat cancer via protein degradation and designing therapies to put ovarian cancer into permanent remission by attacking cancer stem cells.