Medical Imaging

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock)

Yale researchers are accelerating advances in medical imaging, working across disciplines to improve bioimaging so that surgeons can have a more complete three-dimensional picture of organs and blood flow and a more accurate roadmap for performing surgical procedures. The Division of Bioimaging Sciences within the Department of Diagnostic Radiology is working in new dimensions to improve surgical sight and patient health outcomes. Researchers at Yale are integrating sensors (including NMR, x-ray and ultrasound); scale (molecular, cellular, organ) and the range of applications, from molecular crystallography to imaging the brain’s neural network. They have discovered ways to use random lasers in medical equipment to improve processing time and image clarity; and are working with 3-D printers at the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design to turn MRI images of hearts, brains and knees into models that can be more closely studied for surgical planning.