Green Chemistry

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock)

Green Chemistry at Yale is advanced through the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale where collaborative research is bringing about sustainable solutions. Paul Anastas, the Director of the center is known as the “Father of Green Chemistry” for leading the development of the field of safer chemicals, bio-based polymers and new, less environmentally hazardous methods of chemical synthesis. Anastas has served as the Science Advisor to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and its Assistant Administrator for Research and Development under President Barack Obama. Green chemists at Yale are working together with researchers at other universities to develop the next generation of chemicals and materials less toxic to humans and the environment. To design these safe chemicals, Yale researchers are studying what chemical and physical properties make molecules toxic and are designing computer software that can assess a molecule’s toxicity profile and offer alternative designs to lessen this toxicity. 

Specific initiatives include a team of chemists called the Yale Solar Group who are working to make solar-powered, carbon-neutral transportation fuel and Yale scientists creating more environmentally friendly compounds for use in pharmaceuticals