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  • Marvin L. Sears Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science and Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology and Professor of Neuroscience
  • Vice Chairman and Director of Research, Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Research interests Neurobiology; Ophthalmology; Physiology; Retina; Retinal Diseases
  • Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
  • Associate Professor of Epidemiology (Environmental Health)
  • Assistant Director, Global Epidemiology
Research interests Breast Neoplasms; Environmental Health; Genetics, Medical; Public Health; Testicular Neoplasms; Molecular Epidemiology
  • Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and of Forestry and Environmental Studies
  • (leave of absence 2009-10); Asst Prof Chemical Engineering and Sch of For & Env Stu
  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
  • Professor of Psychiatry and Professor (Adjunct) of Law