Therapeutic Regulation of the Host Response to Biomaterials by Inhibition of Inflammasome Pathways

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OCR 5199
  • Implantation of biomaterials and devices into soft tissues leads to the development of the foreign body response (FBR), which can interfere with implant function and eventually lead to failure – currently there are no therapeutic options.
  • FBR consists of overlapping acute and persistent inflammatory phases coupled with collagenous encapsulation of the foreign material.
  • Yale researchers have identified that the acute inflammatory response to biomaterials can be limited by inhibition of inflammasome-related pathways.
  • Aspirin significantly reduces the FBR in response to silicone implants, as shown in figures (*†P ≤ 0.05)
  • Advantages:
    • Improve the function of biomaterials
    • Reduce the need to replace biomaterials and devices
    • Reduce side effects from inflammation related to biomaterials
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