Pharmaceuticals & Biologics

OCR 5199

Yale researchers have identified that the acute inflammatory response to biomaterials can be limited by inhibition of inflammasome-related pathways.

OCR 57674445

Mice that overexpress TGF-β have identified several novel targets (including β1 integrin) for therapeutic interventions in fibrotic lung diseases. Semaphorin 7A inhibition is also effective as a therapeutic treatment for fibrotic disease.

OCR 6320
OCR6320 is a safe and efficacious novel vaccine candidate for the treatment of Leptospira infections.
OCR 6185

Yale researchers created an inactivated version of the thyphoid toxin, which can serve as the basis for the development of novel second-generation vaccines to treat typhoid fever.

OCR 1642

GFB-204 is a novel compound that binds PDGF and VEGF and prevents binding to their respective receptors, and subsequently suppresses downstream signaling pathways.

OCR 1390

The present invention relates to novel 11-.beta. estradiol ester compounds and their use as locally active estrogens in the treatment of the symptomology of menopause and to treat estrogen sensitive cancers, including breast cancer.

OCR 4662

ROCK1, or Rho kinase, is a protein kinase activated by Rho that plays a signaling role in cell morphology, transformation, motility, focal adhesion, and cytokinesis. Inhibition of this pathway may prevent tumor cell motility and metastasis. Novel small-molecule inhibitors of ROCK1 have been synthesized and assayed for activity in vitro, and are candidates as anti-cancer drugs.

OCR 1492

The present invention relates to previously unknown biological roles of Nogo-B. We have discovered that Nogo-B is a component of endothelial cells. We have also discovered that Nogo-B is highly expressed in intact blood vessels. The amino terminus of Nogo-B promotes the adhesion, spreading and migration of endothelial cells and plays a role in vascular remodeling. Thus, Nogo-B is a novel regulator of vascular homeostasis and remodeling. The present invention provides compositions comprising Nogo-B and fragments and fusion proteins thereof. The present invention also relates to nucleic acids encoding Nogo-B and fragments and fusion proteins thereof, as well as vectors and cells comprising such nucleic acids. The present invention also relates to antibodies specific for Nogo-B and fragments and fusion proteins thereof. The present invention also provides methods for preventing, detecting and treating Nogo-B-related diseases, disorders and conditions.