OCR 1210

Various 2-halogen substituted analogues, 3-halogen substituted analogues and 2'3'-dihalogen substituted analogues of 3-deazaadenosine and 3-halogen substituted analogues of 3-deazaguanosine have been synthesized as potential anticancer and/or antiviral agents.

OCR 1531

The present invention provides methods and compositions for treating immune complex associated diseases (ICAD), such as SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, and hepatitis-C related immune complex disease (e.g., cryoglobulinemia) in a subject having an ICAD or at risk for developing ICAD.

OCR 1663

Yale researchers have developed a novel platform with the capacity to deliver heterologous antigens to the MHC-class I presentation pathway to stimulate an immune response.

OCR 1709

Beta.-peptide regions of polypeptides can serve as structural mimics of .alpha.-helices in wild type proteins. Because .alpha.-helices of one protein often bind to a target protein in a biological pathway, a polypeptide that contains a helical .beta.-peptide region can be used to disrupt this type of protein-protein binding. As a result, polypeptides that contain a helical .beta.-peptide region can be used to treat conditions involving this type of protein-protein binding, such as viral infections and cell proliferation.