Hepatoprotectant (APAP and other agents)

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OCR 4554
  • OCR4554 is an approved drug used by countless patients world-wide (WW).
  • Acetaminophen (APAP) sales
    • Dozens of companies have OTC sales
    • Tylenol’s 20.3% market share and $850M WW/yr
  • Large percentage of population have vulnerable livers and would benefit from safer APAP (Figure 1).
  • APAP overdose among most common WW
    • FDA has long wrestled with safety vs. efficacy for APAP
    • US: 56,000 ER visits/yr
    • 100 unintentional deaths/yr
    • 51% of all US liver poisonings in 2003
    • Used in suicide attempts
  • OCR4554 in combination with APAP reduces mortality in vivo (Figure 2).
Imaeda, A. B., Watanabe, A., Sohail, M. A., Mahmood, S., Mohamadnejad, M., Sutterwala, F. S., … & Mehal, W. Z. (2009). Acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in mice is dependent on Tlr9 and the Nalp3 inflammasome. The Journal of clinical investigation, 119(2), 305. [Pub Med]
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