Energy & Environment

OCR 1250

A transition metal substituted, amorphous mesoporous silica framework with a high degree of structural order and a narrow pore diameter distribution (± 0.15 nm FWHM) was synthesized and used for the templated growth of single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT). The physical properties of the SWNT (diameter, diameter distribution, electronic characteristic) can be controlled by the template pore size and the pore wall chemistry. The SWNT can find applications, for example, in chemical sensors and nanoscale electronic devices, such as transistors and crossbar switches.

OCR 5372

A novel washwater treatment technique that has the potential to significantly reduce cost of controlling emissions from amine based carbon capture facilities has been developed. The method has the ability to destroy nitrosamine, nitramine, amine, aldehyde, and nitrite contaminants.

OCR 6012

We have developed a more energy-efficient biodiesel production method from algae using a supercritical methanol system.