Diagnostic Test for Acute Kidney Injury

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OCR 5475
  • In the US alone, there are at least 17 million cases of acute kidney injury (AKI) in hospitalized patients each year.
  • This diagnosis is associated with a high mortality rate of 45-80%.
  • YKL-40 is a protein-based biomarker for renal disease and a predictor of kidney allograft success.
  • This diagnostic test can rapidly identify patients who are at greatest risk of sustained renal failure and in need of subsequent dialysis.
Schmidt, I. M., Hall, I. E., Kale, S., Lee, S., He, C. H., Lee, Y., … & Cantley, L. G. (2013). Chitinase-like protein Brp-39/YKL-40 modulates the renal response to ischemic injury and predicts delayed allograft function. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 24(2), 309-319. [PubMed]
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