OCR 6320
OCR6320 is a safe and efficacious novel vaccine candidate for the treatment of Leptospira infections.
OCR 6185

Yale researchers created an inactivated version of the thyphoid toxin, which can serve as the basis for the development of novel second-generation vaccines to treat typhoid fever.

OCR 5339

OCR 5339 is a novel serum-based biomarker assay that determines disease severity and provides a prediction of the progression of scleroderma.

OCR 5475
Yale researchers have identified a new use for YKL-40 – as a protein-based biomarker for renal disease and a predictor of kidney allograft success.
OCR 1642

GFB-204 is a novel compound that binds PDGF and VEGF and prevents binding to their respective receptors, and subsequently suppresses downstream signaling pathways.

OCR 931

A novel tetrodotoxin resistant sodium channel is described, along with isolated nucleotides that encode this receptor. Methods for identifying agents that modulate the Na.sup.+ current through the receptor are provided, as well as related therapeutic and diagnostic methods.

OCR 1154

The present invention includes a method for diagnosing cancer and predicting recurrent cancer comprising detecting the presence of survivin in the biological fluid of a patient.

OCR 1155

Dr. Arnsten has discovered in animal studies that exposure to uncontrollable stress impairs prefrontal cortical function via activation of protein kinase C, and that administration of chelerythrine or a chelerythrine analog in accordance with the invention inhibits harmful protein kinase C activation.