Animal Product-free Human Stem Cell Culture Medium

OCR Number: 
OCR 4056
  • Animal-free product that avoids pathogen or immunogenic contamination of animal products.
  • Improved cryoprotection viability to 50-60%.
  • Growth as good as or better than the culture which using serum and/or conditional medium.
  • Many applications:
    • Differentiate hESC into different tissue/stem/progenitor cells in vitro
    • use as an in vitro model for studying cell proliferation and differentiation
    • drug screening platform for cell proliferation, differentiation, and regeneration
    • Produce proteins by transfection or transduction of DNA or RNA
    • Deliverance of different genes into hESC for research or commercial usage
    • Establish hESC bank with embryo has different genetic background and MHC
    • use as a base for unlimited source of cells for therapy
Lu, J., Hou, R., Booth, C. J., Yang, S. H., & Snyder, M. (2006). Defined culture conditions of human embryonic stem cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 103(15), 5688-5693. [PNAS]
Lead Innovator: 
Michael Snyder
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