Our Mission

Since its inception in 1982, the mission of the Office of Cooperative Research (OCR) has been to foster commercial investment in the development of inventions and discoveries flowing from the faculty research at Yale for the benefit of society and to generate additional financial resources through cooperative research programs with corporate sponsors and licensing royalty revenues.

In its commitment to technology transfer, OCR’s mission is closely aligned with Yale’s mission to create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge.

OCR is charged with negotiating the contracts governing the development, allocation and commercialization of existing and prospective intellectual property rights, including plans for sharing and translating jointly held rights.

As we accomplish our mission, we seek to:

  • Enhance the research reputation of the university.
  • Assist Yale in recruiting and retaining the best faculty, staff, and students.
  • Catalyze local economic development.

Yale OCR’s Vision

Our vision is to be the recognized leader in translating academic research into products that improve the health and prosperity of the global community.

Yale OCR’s Guiding Principles

What We Do:

  • Leverage Intellectual Property Assets
    We patent when the value of an invention to Yale or to society cannot be realized without strong patent protection, providing incentives for commercial investment without hindering broad access to research tools and other technologies that advance basic research.
  • Focus on Highest Potential Impact
    We rigorously manage our portfolio of efforts to remain highly focused on those opportunities with the highest probable benefit to both Yale and society.
  • Assess Potential Benefits from a Global Perspective
    We use both financial and non-financial metrics to assess the value of an opportunity to society. Discoveries with high potential to improve the health or prosperity of the global community will be vigorously pursued irrespective of monetary gain to Yale.
  • Build Value Discovery-to-Market
    We strive to make significant contributions to the value of Yale’s research at every stage of the development process from discovery to market.

Who We Are:

  • Knowledgeable
    We strive to be trusted experts in our professional disciplines, increasing private sector awareness within the university and identifying opportunities for collaborations with companies, investors, and other academic institutions.
  • Performance-oriented
    We strive to be a high-performing, entrepreneurial team that attracts the highest caliber professionals and rewards them for both individual and group initiative and accomplishment. We strive to be practical, market-savvy, and highly capable leaders across the full range of commercialization and development opportunities, including licensing to established companies, creating new ventures, and working with non-profit organizations.
  • Ethical
    We adhere to the highest ethical standards. We strive to maintain the highest standards in our attention to conflicts of interest and in exercising our stewardship of the university’s assets.